Frequently Asked Questions Sadad

How Can You Deposit Your Money From Your Sadad Account To Your Bank Account?
  • Sadad for payment solutions provides bank deposit service for your money in Qatari banks. The payment is made from your Sadad account to your bank account that registered in Sadad application. Also, Sadad for Payment Solutions deals with all Qatari banks with the Clearing System (Qatch), and the bank deposit is made only in Qatari banks.

How Does Sadad For Payment Solutions Do?
  • Sadad application is easy and fast online payment system that provides the protection and security of user and individual information, so you can pay and transfer in less than 5 seconds with easy and secure options. You can also add Credit through simple steps using credit cards or ATM cards.

What Services Does Sadad For Payment Solutions Offer?
  • Sadad for Payment Solutions offers a variety of services, including payment of all your daily, weekly or monthly online obligations without the need for cash in your pocket or cards. It also facilitates the purchase process and financial transactions in a secure manner that ensures the protection of data and information.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Sadad For Payment Solutions For Me As A User?
  • It is a secure and easy payment system at any time and from anywhere.

    Saving time and effort.

    Certified financial transactions.

    Managing orders accurately and securely.

    Payment in more than one way.

    No need to carry cash.

    Payment without the need for small change.

    Electronic archiving without the need for bills or papers.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Sadad For Payment Solutions For Merchants And Companies?
  • Saving time and effort.

    Creating and managing invoices securely.

    An effective system for selling products.

    Increase sales and profits.

    Archiving of various financial transactions.

    Safety and protection of information for companies and traders.

    Making it easier for customers using new payment methods.

    Electronic archiving without the need for bills or papers.

How Will I Protect My Account When Using Sadad For Payment Solutions?
  • Sadad for Payment Solutions facilitates online payment and provides easy, secure and digital services with international standards. Sadad has several international certificates to ensure that your data and information are protected.

    Certificate (PCI DSS) to control the data of credit card holders and reduce fraud.

    Certificate (ISO 27001) to identify potential risks and protect confidential information of customers.

    Certificate (COMODO Secure) is a secure encryption certificate for the payment method.

    McAfee certification is a reliable protection certificate for controlling servers.

What Channels Are Available To Pay Bills?
  • You can pay bills using easy and various choices whether you are a subscribed or not. If you are subscribed to Sadad services, you can pay by transferring the value of the invoice to a mobile number that eligible for invoice after receiving it in a convenient manner; whether via text message “SMS” or via different social media platforms, or by notifications in the same application.

What Are The Electronic Payments Available At Sadad For Payment Solutions?
  • Sadad for Payment Solutions provides choices of electronic payment in easy ways like credit cards “master card, visa” or banking card “ATM” Which electronically transforms you easily to a payment method to ensure that your financial statements are protected and reliable.